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ISBN: 0-0505-52601-8
Publisher: LoveSpell

Price: $5.99 USA
$7.99 Canadian
$5.99 UK Pounds
$14.95 Australia

A battle for her heart…

“She’s a fighting Saurian Knight.” He put a slight emphasis on “fighting” and smiled self-deprecatingly. “Getting her into bed is more work than turning a Gravity-class war-star.”
“Are you telling me that she fought you? You?”
“My Imperial Machismo forbids me to confirm or deny something so damaging to my reputation,” Tarrant-Arragon replied with a mocking twist of his lips. “I will admit, she doesn’t know what she’s up against. I’m conducting an experiment to see whether I can get a virtuous girl to love me—not the next Emperor, but me—for my sweet nature and sense of humor.”
His half-sheathed-weapon smile became a sudden chuckle.
“My fierce little Saurian would probably try to castrate me if she knew who I am. She cheerfully toasts my impotence.”
Madam Tarra knew the toast to which he referred. “How very provocative of you to choose one of the Saurian Dragon’s Knights for your carnal experiments,” she replied.
“I didn’t take her because she’s a Knight.” He threw back his head, half closed his eyes, and tapped his upper lip with two fingers. No doubt the wicked boy was deciding how much of the truth to tell her. “Ah... I think I’ve fallen in love.”

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